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Staff Vaccinations

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of staff vaccination campaigns within the NHS

Reduce Risks of Outbreaks

By increasing vaccination rates and proactively addressing coverage gaps, our application minimises the risk of influenza outbreaks within your NHS Trust.

Cost Effective

Our solution offers significant cost savings. By automating the vaccination process you can minimise expenses associated with administrative labour.

Zero Disruption

The Staff Flu Vaccination Digital Application seamlessly integrates with existing NHS systems, ensuring a smooth transition to a more efficient vaccination process.

Nurse with vaccine

Access Anytime

Schedule and access vaccinations from anywhere, at anytime via mobile or computer, ensuring convenience and flexibility for all.

Automated Reminders

Staff are consistently engaged and reminded to receive vaccinations.

Flexible Scheduling

Our scheduling feature empowers staff to choose convenient times and locations for vaccinations.

Real Time Insights

Identify and respond to coverage gaps instantly, ensuring a pro-active and data driven approach to vaccination management.

Record Management

Healthcare workers can efficiently manage their vaccination history and certificates within the application.

Privacy & Data Security

We ensure staff vaccination records are securely stored and compliant with data protection regulations.

Lead the change in successful vaccination campaigns

Compliance & Safety

As healthcare continues to evolve, staying at the forefront is essential, and our solution paves the way for success. Achieve impressive vaccination compliance rates and reduce the risk of influenza outbreaks in your healthcare environment. Real-time tracking empowers you to respond swiftly to coverage gaps, fostering a more resilient workforce and ensuring the well-being of patients. Streamline your administrative processes, reduce costs, and maintain the highest standards of data security and compliance. Our customisable application seamlessly aligns with NHS regulations, ensuring unwavering compliance and a significant boost in efficiency. 

Nurse - vaccination compliance

Staff Wellbeing

The benefits of our Staff Vaccination solution extend beyond efficiency to the well-being of your entire workforce. With features like vaccination scheduling, automated reminders, vaccination record management and real-time reporting, our software is a comprehensive vaccination management system. It integrates with ESR and existing systems like business intelligence. When you implement our software within your NHS Trust, you're not just improving operational efficiency; you're investing in the health and resilience of your healthcare workforce. Increased vaccination rates, reduced administrative burdens, and improved data security are at your fingertips.

Healthcare staff and vaccination nurse- calender and clock

The team at cinnamon have supported us every step of the way, they are very quick to respond to any queries and offer advice on any technical issues or questions we may have

Team Leader School Nursing

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Automated reminders and real-time tracking features play a crucial role in increasing compliance rates. Reminders prompt staff to schedule vaccinations, while real-time tracking allows administrators to identify and address coverage gaps promptly.

  • Yes, the application is scalable and adaptable, catering to the needs of NHS Trusts of varying sizes. The application can be fully customised to fit your Trusts specific requirements.

  • Yes, comprehensive training is offered to healthcare staff to ensure they are proficient in using the application. additionally, ongoing support is available to address any questions or concerns that may arise during usage.

  • The application incorporates strict privacy controls to safeguard staff members personal information. Adherence to data protection regulations is a top priority, ensuring the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

  • Implementation of this software results in cost savings by reducing paperwork, administrative tasks and the need for manual record keeping. The automation of the vaccination process minimises costs associated with administrative labour.

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Unlock a healthier future for your healthcare team

Contact us to find out how our Staff Vaccination application can revolutionise your NHS trusts healthcare management. Let's build a resilient and healthier workforce together.

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Reduce administrative costs by


Rapid Implementation

Experience a rapid and effortless launch of your  services within a month.

Effortless Deployment

Our digital applications are delivered as a service (SaaS), your data is safeguarded in UK data centres.

Unlimited Users

The applications are licensed to your Trust. Allowing unlimited user access for seamless collaboration.

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