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Patients using technology to self book their healthcare appoinment

Patient Self-Booking

Tailored for healthcare accessibility, our Patient Self-Booking App transforms appointment management.

Improve Clinic Efficiency

Optimise the scheduling process, reduce administrative workload & minimise the risk of overbooking or underutilisation of clinic resources.

Enhance Patient Convenience

Allow patients to book appointments at their convenience 24/7, reducing the need for phone calls or in-person visits to the clinic for scheduling.

Decrease No-Show Rates

Automated appointment reminders & the convenience of self service options contribute to lower no-show rates, leading to more efficient use of clinic resources. 

patient booking appoinment on phone with large tablet screen behind her with clock and book now

Real-Time Availability

Keep patients informed in real-time about available appointment slots

Rescheduling & Cancellation

Give patients the flexibility to manage their appointments effortlessly.

Appointment Reminders

Send automated reminders to patients through the application.

Secure & Accessible

Implements secure authentication methods to guarantee authorised access.

Data Driven insights

Gain valuable insights into patient booking patterns, preferences & clinic efficiency.

Integration with Clinic systems

Integrate our application with your clinics appointment management system, electronic health records & databases.

Empower Patients & Optimise Clinics

Reduce no-show rates by


Increase operational efficiency by


Increase patient engagement by


Control & Accessibility

Introducing the future of healthcare appointment management. Our solution empowers both patients and practitioners - no more grappling with complex scheduling processes. Our software prioritises user convenience, with an intuitive interface that simplifies the process. With just a few taps, patients can effortlessly schedule appointments and practitioners can easily manage their schedules on their preferred devices, anytime, anywhere.

healthcare professional using laptop with calendar icon behind

Rapid Implementation

Experience a rapid and effortless launch of your  services within a month.

Effortless Deployment

Our digital applications are delivered as a service (SaaS), your data is safeguarded in UK data centres.

Unlimited Users

The applications are licensed to your Trust. Allowing unlimited user access for seamless collaboration.

Healthcare Engagement

Experience the utmost convenience through real time availability. Robust authentication measures embedded in our application ensure that each patient's journey is not only convenient but also secure. This innovative tool goes beyond scheduling and transforms the very nature of healthcare engagement, empowering patients to take an active role in managing their well-being. 

healthcare appoinment patient and nurse

The positive feedback from both staff and patients speaks volumes about the success of the Patient Self-Booking application at our healthcare clinics.

Team lead

  • The application optimises clinic schedules, reduces administrative workload & seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  • Yes, the application is designed for seamless multi channel access, ensuring compatibility across all devices & platforms.

  • Security is a top priority. The application employs robust authentication measures to ensure secure & personalised access, safeguarding patient information.

  • Absolutely, our application features automated rescheduling and cancellation options, providing patients with optimal flexibility & minimising administrative hassle.

  • Yes, the application is designed with flexibility in mind & can be tailored to meet the specific requirements & workflows of different healthcare providers.

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Ready to streamline your clinics appointment management?

Contact us now to learn more about our patient self-booking application & transform your healthcare scheduling.

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