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Vaccination nurse and familys

Digital Immunisations

Simplify the immunisation process with our custom built technology.

Eliminate paper forms

Simplify and automate the consent process, eliminating the need for paper-based forms.

Minimise vaccine waste

Unlock optimal vaccine utilisation with precise class and clinic lists.

Achieve compliance 

Easily track and report compliance to NHS England with real time access to data.

Father and daughter embrace

Cross Platform Compatibility

Compatible with all platforms, offering a user friendly interface for parents and carers.

Enhanced Parent Communication

Keep parents well informed with digital consent and timely alerts.

Catch-up Clinics

Schedule and manage  catch up clinics for children who missed their immunisation appointment at school.

Exception Management

Efficiently identify and manage special cases, and generate reports to track exceptions. 

Real-Time Updates

The system updates in real-time, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Seamless Data Integration

Integrate data into leading clinical applications & validate child details with PDS NHS number & spine trace

Go paperless, embrace efficiency

Simplify & Enhance

Our Digital Immunisations application is designed to improve every aspect of the vaccination process. Incorporating the latest technology and industry best practice, our system streamlines work flows giving nurses more time to care. Offering seamless accessibility from anywhere, our user friendly interface simplifies parental consent with digital forms. It reduces administrative overheads and eliminates paper-based inefficiencies, all whilst improving communication with parents and schools. 

family at vaccination clinic

Rapid Implementation

Experience a rapid and effortless launch of your  services within a month.

Effortless Deployment

Our digital applications are delivered as a service (SaaS), your data is safeguarded in UK data centres.

Unlimited Users

The applications are licensed to your Trust. Allowing unlimited user access for seamless collaboration.

Drive Savings & Improve Care

Our system is designed to provide a substantial return on investment, significantly reducing administrative costs and improving vaccination rates. By facilitating easy identification and management of special cases and generating insightful reports in real-time, we empower you to drive efficiency and deliver optimal care while staying cost effective. Seamlessly integrate our application into your existing healthcare ecosystem, unlocking a new level of productivity and accuracy.

Vaccination nurse and family
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The immunisation nurses really love the system and feel very safe using it for their consent form information, triage notes and documentation. When asked, our admin team reported the system to be ‘100% easier’ to use than our previous system - reducing their workload, therefore allowing them more time to concentrate on other tasks such as increasing uptake.

School Aged Immunisation Team lead

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

  • Our application is designed to facilitate consent and management for a wide range of immunisations, including routine vaccinations and special programs.

  • Yes, our application can be fully customised to meet your Trusts unique needs, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your healthcare environment.

  • Yes, our system provides multi-level access control, allowing you to grant permissions based on roles and responsibilities within your organisation and within the schools you work with.

  • We release system updates out of hours meaning there is no downtime for our customers. This ensures you always have access to the latest features and enhancements.

  • Yes, we offer comprehensive training programs, including remote and in-person options, to ensure that your staff are well prepared to use the application effectively.

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Get started by reaching out to our team

We'll provide all the information & guidance you need to implement the application successfully

0-19 year old children health assesments

Digital Health Assessments

Leverage valuable data to deliver personalised interventions & proactively manage population health.

patients using appointment scheduling application

Patient Self-Booking

Offer patients 24/7 appointment scheduling, realtime availability & a more convenient healthcare experience.

Staff vaccination

Staff Vaccinations

Gain real-time data on vaccination compliance across departments & identify areas for improvement.

Child screening, child being measured by an adult

Child Screening

Eliminate time-consuming paperwork hassles & streamline data collection for a more efficient screening process.

Nurses and software developers collaborating on new digital products

Product Development

Transform your vision into reality with a custom built application to address your specific challenges.

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