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How we partnered with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to streamline clinic appointment booking

Family life can be chaotic, and sometimes essential healthcare appointments slip through the cracks. Recognising this, many of our healthcare partners offer additional clinics for children who missed their vaccinations at school. In this case study, we explore how we collaborated with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to streamline this process, making it more efficient and convenient for parents and reducing the administrative load on NHS staff.

The Challenge

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust faced a common dilemma. How could they make the process of rescheduling missed vaccinations for children smoother and less burdensome for both parents and themselves? The existing method relied on extensive back-and-forth communication between nurses and parents, resulting in delays and added stress.

Our Solution

We understood the need for a practical solution that would simplify the rescheduling process. To address this challenge, we implemented the following innovative solution:

Patient self-booking clinic module

We developed a user-friendly, secure clinic booking module accessible to parents. This enabled parents to take control of rescheduling their child's vaccination. No more lengthy email or phone correspondence. Parents now receive a secure code, granting them access to choose the most convenient location, date and time from the available clinics.

The Impact

The patient self booking clinic module has transformed the process. Parents now have the autonomy to reschedule vaccination appointments at their convenience, reducing stress and hassle. We have helped reduce the administrative burden by automating the rescheduling process and have significantly lightened the load on NHS staff. No more lengthy correspondence or appointment juggling. The success of this application has led to its inclusion in many of our clients comprehensive packages. It has become an invaluable tool, ensuring families stay on top of their vaccination schedules.


Effortless vaccination rescheduling has become a reality, thanks to the innovation driven by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. The collaboration between our technology and their commitment to improving family healthcare has not only lightened the load for NHS staff but has also made life simpler and less stressful for parents.

Thank you Oxford

We thank Oxford for their trust and collaboration. Their forward-thinking approach and commitment to efficient healthcare processes have been instrumental in driving positive change within the industry

Nurse and family vaccination booking

It is such an easy system to navigate, We were provided thorough training at the beginning and any support required is quickly provided. Parents are reporting the system to be easy to use

School Aged Immunisation Team Lead

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

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