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adult measuring a childs height againt a backdrop of a computer screen with graphs on the interface

Child Screening

Elevate your National Child Measurement Programme with our digital application.
Track Growth with Precision

Record detailed & accurate height and weight measurements for every child.

Hearing and Vision Screening

Add hearing and vision screening results including logMar and db levels. Or simple pass & fail outcomes.

Real-Life Impact

Instant data analysis enables swift interventions & positive outcomes for children.

Effortless Navigation

Intuitive design & a user-friendly interface that simplifies the screening process.

Growth Tracking

Ensure meticulous monitoring of a child's growth journey for insightful health evaluations.

Automated Measurements

Streamline measurements with automated data entry, minimising manual errors.

Mobile Accessibility

Take measurements in any setting, providing flexibility & enhancing programme accessibility.

Instant Insights

Access immediate insights from measurement data with real time analysis.

Comprehensive Health Profiles

Seamless integration with electronic health records.

Unlock Precision in Child Healthcare

Reduce errors by


Improve efficiency by


Reduce costs by


Enhancing  Child Screening

In the dynamic landscape of school nursing, precise and efficient real-time insights are paramount, especially when it comes to the well-being of our youngest community members. Our Child Screening software is a comprehensive solution that improves delivery of the National Child Measurement Programme, as well as Vision and Hearing Screening initiatives. Precise and accurate data is at its core, offering meaningful and detailed insights into a child's growth trajectory. Automated measurements streamline the process, eliminating manual errors & ushering in a new era of efficiency for healthcare professionals within the NHS trusts.

children with arms around each other in a circle

Precision & Efficiency

Our system provides simplified school class lists and easy-to-read data. The straight forward interface means recording measurements for every child is easy. Seamlessly integrated with electronic health records, the data can be extracted to upload to other systems including the national NCMP tool. Mobile accessibility means data is recorded once. Our Child Screening application encapsulates precision, efficiency and real-time insights.

three circles one with children in the other a laptop inside and lastly healthcare professionals

Rapid Implementation

Experience a rapid and effortless launch of your  services within a month.

Effortless Deployment

Our digital applications are delivered as a service (SaaS), your data is safeguarded in UK data centres.

Unlimited Users

The applications are licensed to your Trust. Allowing unlimited user access for seamless collaboration.

The Child Screening Application has simplified our workflow. It's incredible how something so simple can have such a big impact on efficiency.

NHS Trust Administrator

  • The platform utilises built-in validation checks, minimising errors in height & weight measurements & ensuring a 100% accuracy rate.

  • Ensuring the security of patient data is paramount. Our application adheres to the highest data security standards, meeting NHS requirements for confidentially & integrity.

  • Efficiency is a key outcome. The application streamlines processes, simplifies data recording & reduces administrative workload. Tangible benefits include significant time savings & improved productivity for healthcare professionals, translating into more impactful interventions & improved child health outcomes.

  • Flexibility is at the core of our design. The application can be tailored to align with the unique needs & workflows of your NHS trust, ensuring a seamless fit into existing practices.

  • User adoption is key. We provide comprehensive training & ongoing support to ensure healthcare professionals are proficient in utilising the application effectively.

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Ready to streamline your Child Screening Programmes?

Contact us today to learn more about how our application can simplify your workflow, enhance patient care and drive better outcomes.

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