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How we worked with Lincolnshire Community NHS Trust to provide an offline platform 

In an age of digital reliance, the absence of internet services can be a significant roadblock. For organisations operating across diverse locations, especially those in remote areas, the fear of losing connectivity is real. In this case study, we explore how we partnered with Lincolnshire Community NHS Trust to develop a solution that ensures seamless offline working. Our goal was to empower their nurses with the ability to continue using our systems when internet service is unavailable.

The Challenge

One of our earliest customers in Lincolnshire approached us with a unique challenge. They needed a solution that would enable their nurses to continue using our application at schools, even when the internet service was spotty or non-existent. The goal was to ensure uninterrupted access to essential services, particularly in remote areas.

Our Solution

We recognised the importance of addressing this challenge head-on, and our solution was designed to meet the unique needs of our clients:

Offline working programme

We developed an offline working program integrated into our application. This program allows nurses to work offline when internet connectivity is unavailable. Nurses continue their work, record vaccination data and access critical information without disruption.                  

The Impact

The impact of our offline working program has been transformative. Our customers can now rely on our application even in areas with unreliable or no internet coverage, ensuring that healthcare services are consistently accessible. Knowing that there's a safety net in place for those rare instances when internet connectivity is compromised has brought peace of mind to both healthcare providers and the communities they serve. The offline working feature also ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, leading to enhanced productivity and reduced stress.


Seamless connectivity in any location is no longer a concern, thanks to the innovation inspired by Lincolnshire Community NHS Trust. Our collaboration, focused on supporting their needs when it mattered most, has provided peace of mind and enhanced productivity for our customers.

Thank you Lincolnshire

We thank Lincolnshire for their trust in our vision and their invaluable contribution to the development of this valuable solution. Their partnership has empowered us to provide healthcare services that truly transcend boundaries.

Nurse and children - remote connectivity

The team at cinnamon have supported us every step of the way, they are very quick to respond to any queries and offer advice on any technical issues or questions we may have.  The Cinnamon team have offered us additional training at short notice and have worked with the team to build the digital platform to meet our service needs’.

Team Leader Universal Service School Nursing

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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