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How we worked with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust to adapt the vaccination process

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust approached us with a pressing concern: ensuring that every child receives the flu vaccine in a manner aligned with their parents preferences, be it via nasal spray or injectable. This customer story explores how we addressed the challenge, adapting the vaccination process and enhancing safety for children in Leicester.

The Challenge

For ethical, religious or medical reasons, some children require the flu vaccine as an injection rather than nasal spray. Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust needed to accommodate this requirement while ensuring that their healthcare staff administered the vaccine without any possibility of error.

Our Solution

We recognised the need for a solution that not only honoured parental preferences but also prioritised safety. To achieve this, we took the following steps:

Consent form customisation

We redesigned the consent form to allow parents to select their preferred treatment method - nasal spray or injectable. This simple but crucial change ensured parents wishes were respected. 

Data path separation

The crux of our solution was to divide the data path, creating distinct routes for nasal spray and injectable treatments. This eliminated any room for administrative errors at the point of care. With this innovation we ensure that each child receives the right type of vaccine every time.

The Impact

Our solution not only satisfied the initial request from Leicester but also had a ripple effect across our customer base. When we shared this innovative development with our other clients, they recognised its immense value and promptly requested the same change. The adaptability of our solution speaks to its universal appeal, ensuring that children everywhere can receive the flu vaccine in a manner that aligns with their parents' preferences, all while prioritising safety.


Empowering choice and enhancing safety are at the core of our approach. Our innovative solution for flu injectables revolutionised the vaccination process, ensuring every child can receive the flu vaccine as per their parents' wishes, while eliminating the possibility of administration errors.

Thank you Leicester

By trusting us with this universal challenge, they not only improved their own vaccination protocols but also influenced a positive change in the broader healthcare landscape. Thank you, Leicester, for inspiring us to create a safer, more inclusive healthcare environment.

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