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Empowering the NHS with Digital Solutions

At the heart of healthcare evolution lies a powerful collaboration between the NHS's dedicated workforce and our innovative digital solutions. Together we are shaping a future where technology enhances care and builds healthier communities.


We stand side by side with NHS staff, harnessing their expertise to co-create digital solutions that address real-world challenges. Our partnership is the driving force behind every application we develop, ensuring it's tailored to the needs of both patients and caregivers.

Social Good

Our purpose is clear; to make a lasting impact on society. Our digital solutions are designed with a strong commitment to social good, aligning with the NHS's mission to provide accessible, first class healthcare to all. Together we are transforming lives and collective wellbeing.


Innovation is our cornerstone, propelling us towards a future where healthcare is more efficient, empathetic and effective. By fusing our technology with the wisdom of NHS nurses, we're unlocking new avenues for improved patient outcomes and streamlined processes.

Shared Vision

Our journey is guided by a shared vision to reshape healthcare through technology while preserving the essential human touch. We believe in a future where every patient receives the best possible care and all NHS staff are equipped with the tools to excel in their vital role.

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Through our innovative solutions and expertise, we help NHS healthcare providers optimise processes, enhance patient outcomes and improve overall healthcare delivery. 


Embrace digital transformation confidently, knowing that your systems are fortified, your data is safeguarded and your workflow can continue seamlessly.

Cost Effective

Our innovative approach saves you time, money and resources, empowering your organisation to deliver exceptional care by streamlining operations and maximising efficiency. 


Partner with us for unparalleled support and training. Our dedicated team is committed to your success, providing extensive training programs, ongoing support and guidance.

Streamline Workflows & Enhance Patient Care

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NHS Focused Digital Transformation

Immunisation Nurse with children and familys

Digital Immunisations

Custom made for NHS immunisation services. Unlock time & cost savings with our cutting edge digital consent and vaccination application. Minimise vaccine waste, enhance reporting compliance & streamline your immunisation process.

0-19 year old children health assesments

Digital Health Assessments

Empower your 0-19 healthy child program with our electronic health assessments. By leveraging our online platform you will be able to unlock the power of data to deliver personalised interventions & proactively manage population health.      

Staff Vaccination

Staff Vaccinations

A complete system for managing staff flu and covid-19 vaccinations, providing full data reporting, enabling you to track compliance across departments in real time. Empowering you to identify areas with low rates & prioritise interventions.

Cornwall was an early adopter of Cinnamon back in 2018 and we at Kernow Health have worked closely with Billy and his amazing team ever since. A truly excellent, professional, brilliant company.

Director of Integrated Community Care Services

Kernow Health CIC

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Empowering NHS Trusts, one success story at a time

Clinic scheduling nurse and family

Uncover how we partnered with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust to streamline clinic scheduling.

Healthcare community and flu vaccinations

Find out how we collaborated with Leicester Partnership NHS Trust to transform consent for injectable flu vaccinations.

Connectivity in remote locations - nurse working with children

Explore how we worked with Lincolnshire Community NHS Trust to provide connectivity in remote locations. 

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Expertise in Healthcare

Our mission transcends conventional software development. We are dedicated to creating digital solutions that not only streamline healthcare processes but also have a profound social impact. Our commitment to delivering user-centered, socially responsible products is woven into the very fabric of our work. With years of experience working closely with NHS healthcare providers, we have developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges and complexities they face. We possess a wealth of knowledge in NHS healthcare systems, regulations and best practices. We bring this expertise to every project, ensuring our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and deliver tangible results.

Discover the benefits


increase in process efficiency, for NHS Trusts using our applications

5+ Million 

vaccinations recorded at NHS Trusts using our solutions.


return on investment. For every £1 spent on our digital products your Trust saves £3
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Together we can elevate healthcare to new heights

Join us on a journey where technology meets compassion, where innovation fosters positive change, and where every digital product we create is not just a solution, but a force for social good in the NHS healthcare system.

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