NHS Immunisation e-consent

NHS Immunisation services are paper based relying on manual data collection and processing of parental consent forms. This involves significant time, space and staff resources to manage the process.

Consent forms are most often delivered to and collected from local schools. This is expensive and time consuming. It is also inconvenient to schools and prone to information governance breaches because forms are often lost or misplaced.

Immunisation services spend large amounts of time sifting, sorting and reporting compliance to NHS England. Our electronic consent applications manage all of this and take away all the hassle for local teams.

Parents and schools will love the new process. Our electronic consent applications are web-based and available on all platforms including mobile. This means that parents and carers can complete the form at any time, in any location on any device. It offers complete flexibility and is device agnostic so it works on android, apple, windows and other platforms.


- Digital triage so you can focus on the exceptions

- Reduced vaccine waste

- No paperwork!

- Cash savings on paper and transport

- No hassle for parents and carers

- Accessible anytime using any device

- Zero IG breaches

- Better relationships with schools

- Significant time savings for your nurses

- Casemix for immunisation delivery

Our reporting tools will allow your nursing teams to triage electronically without needing to refer to paper forms. This is a game changer for your service and will bring you fully up to date with other digital ready NHS services.